Andere Filme is an International Film Production Company and Writing Incubator.

Our mission

What makes us human?
This is the driving question behind what we do.
Finding the stories of tomorrow, with relevant social topics, told in an entertaining, yet emotional way, this is what we are dedicated to.

What makes us different?

We have a great sense for timely stories and listen carefully to what surrounds us.
We always let our hearts pick the stories we want to tell.
We provide an inspiring home for storytellers to strive and excecute their vision fearlessly.
We embrace unconventional storytelling.
We believe stories can be relevant and entertaining at the same time.

We develop.

We train and support writers to find their voice

We connect.

We help writers and directors to find each other

We produce.

We make movies we are passionate about

We are incubators that focus on upcoming new talent. The focus is on “character-driven” stories that tell honestly about life and show courageous perspectives and thus inspire.

We don't believe in labeling, thus genre, length or format play a subordinate role for us. Some films work better as documentaries, others better as horror films, comedies, or even short films.

We work with filmmakers who have their own voice, passion for filmmaking and for life itself.


Projects in development


  • 4%
  • Burn
  • Kim Mess
  • Die Heimatlosen
  • Sophia

Film series

  • Machine Learning
  • Orwell
  • Don Quijote von der Uckermark
  • Der Heilige Wolf
  • Nacht ohne Morgen


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Thaerstr. 39, 10249 Berlin

Office Munich

Steinheilstr. 10, 80333 München

Meet the team

Ben Scharf

Head of Development, Writer, Producer, Director

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Ben Scharf is an international screenwriter, story consultant, lecturer, director and producer.

Ben Scharf guides writers all over the world and helps them to make their stories marketable and advises production companies and agencies such as the United Talent Agency (Los Angeles) on the selection of stories and writers. He also gives scriptwriting workshops in Germany and abroad (focus on serial storytelling) and teaches scriptwriting at the SAE University, Berlin.

Ben Scharf has published numerous books on screenwriting. His extensive non-fiction book "The 10 Shortcuts to great screenwriting" is currently being editing and is aimed directly at the next generation of storytellers, giving them the tools they need to tell their stories dramaturgically well.

Ben Scharf is also a juror at festivals, most recently at the Revolution Me Festival (New York), the Bundesfestival Film (Germany) and the Palm Springs International Short Fest.

Thomas Prudlo

Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Producer

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Thomas Prudlo is an entrepreneur and a passionate story and essence seeker, writer and producer.

Thomas Prudlo has founded and built numerous companies in the environmental and renewable energy sectors and is still in charge of them.
As a political scientist, however, he has long been interested in social developments and relationships.
This is his approach to the film world. He sees himself as an essence seeker who wants to understand the characters and bases his stories on these characters.
Andere Filme offers him precisely this field: Uncovering, developing and implementing exciting stories.
For decades, Thomas Prudlo has had a special relationship with film, especially with short films, because this is where the pulse of the times is felt best and all the upcoming get a chance to present themselves. That is why he has also been the program maker for the short film festival Kino, Mond & Sterne in Munich for 13 years.